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Request a Maintenance Contract OR Schedule Cleanings for Machine Reliability below or Call (952) 944-2357

You may request quotes for Schedule Machine Cleanings and/or Maintenance Contracts here. When you have problems with your Copier, Printer, Scanner, PC, Server or Laptop(s) a Maintenance/ Service Contract with Abrax, will allow you to Budget your annual expenses at a Discount, get Preferential service as well as Preventive Maintenance Service for improved reliability and stress reduction. Maintenance Customers receive Priority Response to Service needs, over our Time & Materials only basis customers. Although we value all of our customers, Maintenance Contract customers tell us that they want to PARTNER with us and help ensure our sustained growth. We like to reward them for that, with preferential and discounted service and the Fastest & Highest Quality Service possible. You may contact us online here or just call us. Please respond to all the questions below with details of your problems and press the Submit Button. Our Service Representatives will send you a confirmation email, with a scheduled appointment for you based on your (Personally Chosen) response time below in the Additional Comments section. Thank you…..

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