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If you are looking to obtain the type of Office Equipment you need to RENT or LEASE for your project, or perhaps you may have long-term needs for a Copier, Printer, Scanner, PC, Server or Laptop(s) just contact us through this Form or call us, and we would be happy  to assist you, with a personal Rental Agreement or Lease Agreement on that perfect piece of Office Equipment for You, your Office or your Project from Abrax Tech Solutions.

 Just send us this form with your desired equipment needs, or if you prefer, just call us. Please respond to all the questions below with details of your needs and press the Submit Button. Our Sales Reps will send you a confirmation email, and schedule an appointment to meet with you via phone or office visit in order to fulfill your needs or to direct you to another resource if needed. Your complete satisfaction is our goal! We look forward to being of assistance to you… All of our Rentals have liberal Delivery & Setup options.

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